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Ultramax Junior
Ultramax Junior is designed to provide the superior vacuuming and filtering capabilities of the full sized Ultramax. In a more compact design, the Junior unit is suited to pools found in large hotels, motels, and public swimming facilities.
Like all commercial Aqua Products Cleaners, the Ultramax, Jr. gobbles up algae, dirt and even large debris from the pool's surfaces and vacuums everything into its built-in, easy-to-clean, reusable micro-filter bag.
The Baby Brother of the World's Most Powerful Pool Cleaner, the Ultramax Jr. is a slightly smaller, more afforable version of the ultimate pool cleaner, Aqua Products, Ultramax. Only a few years after Aqua Products introduced the first robotic cleaner that could micro-filter a pool, it began to build the largest fleet of commercial cleaners, now up to ten (10) models. While the standard Aquamax is the industry standard, this is that and much, much more, and it also features Remote-Directional Control as well, great from quick clean-ups and spot cleaning. Operating for pennies a day, this state-of-the-art cleaner drastically reduces electricity, chemical and pool maintenance costs. It's durable and built to last and is virtually Maintenance-Free. Just change the brushes and drive belts every few years and treat it like a member of the family, and it will provide years of trouble-free service.We recommend this model for large commercial pools, able to easily cover those up to 80' long and even a little longer.
Technical Specifications - UltraMax Jr.
Quantity of Water Filtered: 9,000 Gallons per Hour
Cleaning Coverage: 8,500 Sq. ft./hour
Electrical Cord Length: 120 ft.
Unit Weight: 42 lbs.
voltage in water: 24 Volts
Reset Switch: Manual (To prevent accidental restart)
Electrical Plug: 110v/60Hz or 220v/50Hz
Filtration - Micron Rating Self Contained  Down To 2 Microns
Wall/Floor Cleaning: 100% Floor
Shipping Dimensions: 20" x 14.5" x 13"
Shipping Weight: 81 lbs.


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